5 3 explain why it is important for moving and handling tasks to be carried out following specialist

Examples include stair lifts and grab rails.

Outcome 4. Outcome 5 Know how to move and handle equipment and other objects safely 5. Not to hinder people or to discriminate but to keep them safe. If you have been trained in first aid and feel confident, then administer it. Floors should be maintained properly. Understand the different responsibilities relating to health and safety in social care setting 1. In all cases where the use of mechanical lifting aids are indicated then managers should ensure that they are used. Emergencies are fast, highly volatile and scary situations. Care homes and residential homes should all have a COSHH protection file with guidelines on how to dispose of any kept substances that are hazardous to health, such as clinical waste disposal in marked sealed yellow bags. As it can cause harm, injury, danger or even death to the individual, colleagues or yourself. Follow evacuation procedures without using the lifts, ensuring fire doors are shut. Ensure staff are appropriately trained — a lack of knowledge on how to lift loads or use any special equipment will increase the risk of injury. For example: change your apron after dealing with each individual service user, so germs are not spread. It can be attained by attending any training relating to health and safety, and as always information can be found in the companies policies and procedures.

The policies and procedures ensure that all risk assessments are up to date and in place for all service users, and that all members of staff are trained in necessary areas, such as manual handling and data protection, along with general things such as reporting faulty appliances or any needed maintenance and showing where it should be recorded and who it should be reported to.

Even with locking everything up in the COSHH cupboard service users can still access the soap dispensers in the toilets and such, though I imagine cases like that are very rare. The best way is to lead by example.

Moving and handling techniques

Even with locking everything up in the COSHH cupboard service users can still access the soap dispensers in the toilets and such, though I imagine cases like that are very rare. By not consulting the care plan, you are not providing a person centred approach as the care plan will detail, how a person should be or should not be moved and this could be changed from day-to-day so by consulting the care plan, you are working with the individual. There could be many consequences to handling medications without training including illness, harm, injury or danger to the servicer or yourself. Generic risk assessments Care providers should balance the safety of employees with the needs, safety and rights of the people using care services. In the event of a fire raise the alarm by shouting and pressing the fire alarm. When there are policies and procedures to work to, do everyone is trained and follows the same guidelines, so everyone should know what to do to keep people safe and in the event of an emergency. If in doubt check with your doctor. Individual risk assessments The assessment should be person-centred and, where possible, involve the service user or their family in decisions about how their needs are met. The other main piece of legislation is the Manual Handling Operations Regulations which governs how people manually handle objects and large items as well as people, and tries its best to ensure a safe method for every type of foreseeable movable object. It is a legal requirement for staff to be trained in manual handling, as any movement could result with injury to yourself, a client or another member of staff. All reviews should be conducted in consultation with staff.

I follow all handwashing and personal hygiene protocols and if I am ill I stay away from work. Whenever I touch any waste, such as the clinical waste bags to protect myself against what I am carrying.

Moving and Handling Service Users In the context of adult social care, most detailed assessments relate to moving and handling operations involving service users.

list 5 principles for safe moving and handling

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations do not set specific requirements such as weight limits.

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