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We love to make it easy for you! Setting is more important than ever. A sub-category is the series of standalone books that adds a final chapter to set up the next book in the series and leaves you with a cliff-hanger. What do you see? Rather, the characters, setting and milieu are set up and there could be endless stories in the series. However, I recommend delving into character development during your middle works. For now, ask yourself these questions from the outset to see if your plot is suited to a series.

However, the individual books emphasise a variety of different themes such as prejudice, power, sacrifice, choice, love, and death. Pin Shares Sometimes characters and worlds are so brilliant they demand more than one novel, but writing a series presents very different challenges to writing a single book.

Breaking down the dynamic series structure… Dynamic series are often the trickiest of structures to plan and write because each consecutive installment builds upon the last.

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Then wake up next morning and start working on your second book! Will readers be disappointed or will they understand the purpose behind any open-ended aspects?

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Was this page useful? Many easy readers series go on forever. Once you've answered these questions, you'll begin to see patterns of transformation forming.

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You'll find there are natural places to break off and resume the story — natural turning points. Your book should be half its original length after a solid round of editing. How do you envision your series resolving? Consistency applies to character behavior, story events and even themes. This will allow you to head them off early and save yourself the hassle of revising or rewriting later. What is your favorite series and how will your stories compare? The first novel builds a framework for the rest of the series. This is why you must draw out your characters before you start writing the book. Mysteries may do either. The answer to this question really comes down to three things: How much you love writing How much you love your story How badly you want to achieve the goal of creating a series. Think Ahead It is important to remember, whether you're writing a standalone or a first book in a series, that the book you're working on is your focus. If there isn't, the book doesn't really qualify as a self-contained narrative. Serials - Serial novels are written in a way where each book stands alone but uses the same characters. That is officially the worst thing ever.

Each individual book should have its own contained plot that feeds into the larger plot of the whole series.

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