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He went about moping.

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For Bigod had an undeniable way with him. Because in my last I tried to divert thee with some half-forgotten humours of some old clerks defunct, in an old house of business, long since gone to decay, doubtless you have already set me down in your mind as one of the self-same college — a votary of the desk — a notched and cropt scrivener — one that sucks his sustenance, as certain sick people are said to do, through a quill.

There was now and then the formality of saying a lesson, but if you had not learned it, a brush across the shoulders just enough to disturb a fly was the sole remonstrance. He knew not what he did, when he begat thee, like spring, gentle offspring of blustering winter:— only unfortunate in thy ending, which should have been mild, conciliatory, swan-like.

Was he rich? She had a neat meagre person, which it was evident she had not sinned in over-pampering; but in its veins was noble blood. From what have I not fallen, if the child I remember was indeed myself — and not some dissembling guardian presenting a false identity, to give the rule to my unpractised steps, and regulate the tone of my moral being!

Of quite another stamp was the then accountant, John Tipp. He looks too from a place so high, The Year lies open to his eye; And all the moments open are To the exact discoverer.

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Old Bamber Gascoigne, and Peter Aubert, I remember, were colleagues on one occasion, when the beadle turning rather pale, a glass of brandy was ordered to prepare him for the mysteries. I seem admitted ad eundem. And you, my midnight darlings, my Folios! Do I advance a paradox, when I say, that, skipping over the intervention of forty years, a man may have leave to love himself, without the imputation of self-love? The lictor accompanied the criminal quite round the hall. Thence all ideas, that were purely ornamental, were banished. He recounts his various co-workers as well as the owners of the bank, but eventually reveals that his account may be as much of a hoax as the scam that the bank infamously ran. How would he dilate into secret history! I have seen your dim-eyed vergers, and bed-makers in spectacles, drop a bow or curtsy, as I pass, wisely mistaking me for something of the sort. Come, a handsome sacrifice! He did, indeed, scream and scrape most abominably. I am not the man to decide the limits of civil and ecclesiastical authority — I am plain Elia — no Selden, nor Archbishop Usher — though at present in the thick of their books, here in the heart of learning, under the shadow of the mighty Bodley. I am in love with this green earth; the face of town and country; the unspeakable rural solitudes, and the sweet security of streets.

Combine not preposterously in thine own person the penalties of Lazarus and of Dives! These insufferable triflers are the curse of a table.

I longed to new-coat him in Russia, and assign him his place.

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My friend Tobin was the benevolent instrument of bringing him to the gallows. I remember L. By stoop, I mean that gentle bending of the body forwards, which, in great men, must be supposed to be the effect of an habitual condescending attention to the applications of their inferiors. It is no more than what in sober sadness every one of us seems to be conscious of, in that awful leave-taking. Here are still to be seen stately porticos; imposing staircases; offices roomy as the state apartments in palaces — deserted, or thinly peopled with a few straggling clerks; the still more sacred interiors of court and committee rooms, with venerable faces of beadles, door-keepers — directors seated in form on solemn days to proclaim a dead dividend, at long worm-eaten tables, that have been mahogany, with tarnished gilt-leather coverings, supporting massy silver inkstands long since dry; — the oaken wainscots hung with pictures of deceased governors and sub-governors, of queen Anne, and the two first monarchs of the Brunswick dynasty; — huge charts, which subsequent discoveries have antiquated; — dusty maps of Mexico, dim as dreams — and soundings of the Bay of Panama! I reject this estimate as greatly exaggerated:— but having had the honour of accompanying my friend, divers times, in his perambulations about this vast city, I own I was greatly struck at first with the prodigious number of faces we met, who claimed a sort of respectful acquaintance with us. Tipp never mounted the box of a stage-coach in his life; or leaned against the rails of a balcony; or walked upon the ridge of a parapet; or looked down a precipice; or let off a gun; or went upon a water-party; or would willingly let you go if he could have helped it: neither was it recorded of him, that for lucre, or for intimidation, he ever forsook friend or principle. It was interesting to find that so long ago New Year's was as big a day, with its different ways of being celebrated, as it is today. He is out of his element at Buxton, at Scarborough, or Harrowgate. Where be those puling fears of death, just now expressed or affected? He boasted himself a descendant from mighty ancestors of that name, who heretofore held ducal dignities in this realm. She had a neat meagre person, which it was evident she had not sinned in over-pampering; but in its veins was noble blood. What a liberal confounding of those pedantic distinctions of meum and tuum! Let me not be thought to arraign the wisdom of my civil superiors, who have judged the further observation of these holy tides to be papistical, superstitious. Th —— was a tall, dark, saturnine youth, sparing of speech, with raven locks.
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