Malay agriculutural settlement m a s kampong

And the valuation of the land based on market value can only be implemented and the return on investment ensured if amendments are made to the laws applicable to Kampung Baru.

lembaga pentadbiran malayan agricultural settlement

Since the new Pakatan Harapan government took over in Putrajaya, there have been plans announced for a more aggressive development in the area, leading to a series of meetings with landowners. Basically they agreed to allow their parcels of land to be developed on the basis of market value for their property.

The British also used Kampung Baru as a base to train Malay youths on land administrative matters to prepare them to take over the duty post the British era.

This pertains to the clause that only the Malays can own or buy property on the land. So, the original settlers have no choice but to move to other places where properties are cheaper," he added. The land, in addition, also has to be regulated by a clearly defined and integrated legislation that can be used as a guide by all the parties concerned.

Inthe MAS area stood at When the Act to form the corporation was tabled in Parliament inthe stand taken by the then government was that the redevelopment of Kampung Baru would only be carried out with the agreement of the landowners and their inheritors and that the government would not acquire the land.

Translated by Rema Nambiar. The existing Malay Reservation Enactments have created confusion, he claimed, adding that he was confident that the act proposed by him would help to bring more uniformity on matters related to Malay reserve land at the state level.

The highrise buildings like condominiums and other blocks to be developed on the land in future would see limited market demand if only open to the Malays. Currently, the total area stands at

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Malay Agricultural Settlement to discuss future of village