The affluent and the poor why the rich should help the poor

Wade No we do not have an obligation to support the poor. A national philanthropy strategy for the voluntary sector should have all party backing to ensure long-term planning by charities and commitment by donors. The person that earns the money has the right to do what they wish with their money.

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We participate in building hope and curing ills, or we suffer the consequences. To help those less fortunate than you are is just the human thing to do.

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Its not all about money. A compassionate nation is a better society. In fact nowadays, The rich elites loves to exploit poorer workers by cutting benefits, Stagnant and low wages, Frequent periodic job layoffs, AI replacements, Poorer students get tricked by loaded with massived student debs while getting low paying jobs upon graduation: in All professions, Even in STEM jobs.

Not all rich can be grouped in one stereotypical class either—there are various psychological classifications of the inheritors, the first time rich, the altruists and the firmly grounded wealthy folks.

The affluent and the poor why the rich should help the poor

Rich does not equal mean, and that is not what research points out. If you made your fortune by working hard at, say, predatory lending, have you actually earned your wealth? As austerity bites and some become even more selfish, we risk compromising our humanity as well as civil society. Out of compassion this nation can help the poor. Kristine Yes the rich have an obligation to help the poor. Is it a want or need? With less of it, I have to take less risk and hire less people. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life. The book is therefore a good resource for development practitioners, planners and policymakers and laypersons questioning the future role of rich nations to help relieve inequality and poverty amongst the distant poor. In Chapter 4, Hulme examines how climate change and inequality are starting to limit success and the threat they pose for development. We need to WANT to help those less fortunate and only then will we make a difference.

Just as Walmart and Amazon have cut costs for Americans, the introduction of container shipping crushed transportation costs for the world. Plz help me to make a house.

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A War on the Rich Won't Help the Poor